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The 1st International Conference on Open Source Software Computing (OSSCOM 2015)

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Containerized Deployments Workshop details

- Venue: GJU, Amman, Jordan

- Date(s): 11 September 2015

- Objectives: Using docker to create modern scaling platforms

- Course Materials: click here

- Targeted Audience: Developers, Operations

- Required equipment:

  - Linux Notebook or workstation for every participant
  - With recent Linux-Kernel and installed docker
  - Fast internet access

- Workshop Language: EN

- Modus:
  50% lecture
  50% hands-on workshop

- Topics:   
 1. Docker basics
 2. Set up simple services with docker
 3. Create your own docker images
 3. Advanced topics:
    3.1 Orchestration
    3.2 Private registries
    3.2 Centralized Logging

- Registration: click here